The Inventors Pocket Guide

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Your book looks like it will be an excellent resource, especially
for the neophyte inventor. I recommend it heartily.

David Pressman, Patent Lawyer, S.F.Author of "Patent It Yourself"
and "Patents For Beginners"
by Nolo Pre

Randy Moyse has written a succinct, enthusiastic guide to the
inventing world that demonstrates his love (and understanding)
of inventions and their inventors.

Rich Stim, Registered Patent and
Author of "License Your Invention"
by Nolo Press


It is well thought out curriculum for the new inventor with a new product/idea.  I thought that the chapters were chronologically correct and that the points you touched upon were critical to the end user getting his/her product to a stage where the product can be strategically evaluated for future results.  The book flowed without any interruption and was easy to understand.  In short, the Bible for inventors!

I really enjoyed reading it and hope that anyone just starting out gets the book for further reading.  It reminded me much like a business plan.  Most people just get business plans done to facilitate funding but they should be kept off the shelves to review further down the road so that you can see for yourself if you are hitting the numbers that you forecasted.  Your book is much like the business plan for inventors in that they can use the materials through the whole process to make sure they are doing the things needed to be done to  proactively get there products down a straight path toward success.
Michael Boshears
Vice President of Boshears & Boshears Consulting


Finally! A book that is long overdue. Hooray! Randy Moyse has
been able to explain the most important parts about inventing.
This book is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
truth. Randy not only captures the essence of inventing, but
truly the hard part�getting your product manufactured and
sold. This book should be be mandatory for all inventors!

Daniel A. Drolet, President and CEO of Intellectual Property
Group, Inc. (IPG) and



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 The Goal of the Inventors� Pocket Guide

 Goal Number One

               Our goal is to teach and equip the novice to intermediate inventor how to develop your product and prepare it for submission to manufacturers and distribution companies.   We accomplish this by giving you basic and simple instructions on how to get your product out of  the garage and to the market place with out spending a bunch of money to get it there.  We will also endeavor to help you to avoid common pitfalls that cost you money by teaching you with proven step by step techniques and insider tricks of the trade.

 We do that through three methods

1) By teaching you with this book how and when to spend money on your invention and then spending only as much money on a product as it demonstrates worth and only equal to the amount of professional enthusiasm shown to it from people in its particular field.

                We have learned this by previously (but not purposely) making as many mistakes along the way as possible.  By us learning on the road of hard knocks, you don�t have to experience it or PAY for it.

We have developed tips and step-by-step procedures for taking baby steps to getting manufacturers and marketing representatives to look at and develop your products.

                We even have gone so far as to have a Registered Patent Attorney and Industrial Design Company write chapters in this book to give you their insight and guidance in developing your product and avoiding some common pitfalls that we all make.

                 2) By allowing you one-on-one mentoring thru an updated and closely monitored Message Board located at our Inventors HQ web site that is designed to give you maximum tutoring for free and for how ever long it takes to give you the help you need.

 We help thousands of folks monthly from around the world with over twenty-two language conversions worldwide.  Helping folks get their products from the garage to the market place while spending the least amount of money possible and only when it has been deemed necessary for the products advancement.

3) The third and final goal of this book is to link you with the most extensive free access to (hopefully) reliable web pages, web sites, and sample forms allowable by law!

 Each time you see a word that is underscored you will know that it is indicating that there is a corresponding web page, web site, or sample form given for your convenience and use.

 In the back of this book you will find those web pages, web sites, and sample forms listed in alphabetical order with their corresponding http://www.addresses for you to use.  These are meant to help and assist you in finding the best help we have found to be hopefully the best source of tools for equipping you to make informed and unbiased decisions for the advancement of your inventions.



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