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Helping inventors from around the world to get their products from the garage to the marketplace for the least amount of out-of-pocket money as humanly possible.   Our new book The Inventors Pocket Guide shows you how in a step by step no-nonsense fashion. 

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Welcome to Inventors Headquarters, a free informational
 and resource site for the novice inventor, offering help
 with developing prototypes and obtaining licensing, patents
 and royalty agreements. We can even help you locate manufacturers to help develop your inventions.

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Touted as probably the quickest, easiest to use, most reliable, patent search tool available to mankind!






Just for kids web page (click here)
This page is designed for kids to find inventors programs,  games, contests,
  submission corporations as well as  help with their home work.  :)


<!--[if !vml]-->Adscope Platinum Edition StethoscopeWe are currently looking to bring medical patents to bring to Ballard & Boston Scientific as well as other large medical manufacturers and suppliers, please contact us .
Even if you have something for them and it is early on in patent pending or just in the early development stages contact us now!
*Also any type of "disposable medical devices or products"


Want to find out about the most famous inventors of all time?

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Cracking The Wal-Mart Marketing and Vendor Code

Wal-Mart. Always Low Prices. Always.
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Want us here at Inventors Headquarters to help you to do your Wal-Mart submission?

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If you have a toy or game that needs a professional opinion from an honest company that for a minimal fee will tell you if its market worthy and or ready try Mike Marra @




Finally a way to do it yourself with one on one instructions from an inventor to an inventor!
How to Patent your own products by learning yourself by simple to follow classes on-line!


National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc.

Excellent source of help with separating the sheep from the goats,
National Inventors Fraud Center.


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Inventors HQ � Offers Exclusive For Fee Services:
Private Mentoring , Product Development ,
and matching 
Manufacturers & Marketing Agents with Client needs.
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Randy's favorite place to go for a good laugh
 at what is sometimes too serious of a business!


Take a quick look at the Inventors Pocket Guide Table of Contents to see what your missing!


Serving Inventors Since 1974

Finally a  company that does a HANDS ON Patent search AT the USPTO with a legal opinion from a Registered Patent Attorney for only *$225.00
Normally this would cost $250,
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